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Champion: We Be Ballin'

Position Team Games Played Wins Losses Score For Score Against Score Diff
1 Smack attack 48 40 8 995 712 283
2 Casual Sets 48 39 9 982 753 229
3 We Be Ballin' 48 38 10 966 751 215
4 Show us your sets 48 26 22 904 857 47
5 Netdigz and Chill 48 25 23 892 868 24
6 Cupcakes 48 23 25 877 849 28
7 I'd Hit That 48 21 27 838 866 -28
8 Dream team 48 19 29 851 890 -39
9 The Unicorns 48 18 30 833 892 -59
10 The Super Friends 48 14 34 816 948 -132
11 Bumpin' Uglies 48 1 47 438 1006 -568

Important Info

Co-ed, Sixes Sand Volleyball!
Tuesday nights, 7:00 - 10:00 PM
De Anza Park, 1000 N. Stone Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705
21+ age requirement
Flat team fee ($300)
Minimum 6, maximum 12 players per team
Team-colored t-shirt for each player
Don't have a team? Be on our substitutes list
Double-headers each night!
8 regular season weeks, 3-week double elimination tournament
Tournament winner has team name engraved on league trophy!
League bar: The Tap and Bottle, 403 N 6th Ave, Tucson, AZ 85705

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Dates and Deadlines

Registration Open:
Aug. 9, 2017
*Team Registration Closed:
Aug. 22, 2017
* Team rosters locked
* Free Agents move to season Substitutes List
Captains Meeting:
Aug. 29, 2017
Season Start Date:
Sept. 5, 2017
*Player Registration Closed:
Sept. 19, 2017
* Deadline to sign up to season Substitutes List
Season End Date:
Nov. 21, 2017

COVID-19 Announcements

Additional safety precautions will be practiced for this season to account for the current worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. For more information related to COVID-19 and its symptoms, see the the information provided by the Centers for Disease Control here.

  1. City of Tucson Parks and Recreation guidelines dictate that a maximum of 10 players shall be present at each court.
  2. We ask that teams come with a maximum of 5 players on any given night to help abide by the above restriction.
  3. Masks are optional during and between play.
  4. Social distancing of at least 6 feet is encouraged when and where possible between individuals.
  5. Cleaning supplies will be provided to sanitize volleyballs in between and/or during sets (bleach solution and paper towels). Balls should be cleaned at least between each match (3 sets).
  6. Some hand sanitizer will be supplied. Players are encouraged to bring their own as well.
  7. If you feel unwell, are suffering from mild to severe respiratory illness, have a fever, cough, or are having difficulty breathing, then we ask that you do not come to the courts and to seek medical attention.
  8. If you have been exposed to or had significant contact with another individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the past 14 days, we ask that you do not come to the courts and continue to monitor your condition until the 14-day period has elapsed.
  9. "Handshakes lines" are discouraged between teams after sets to avoid unnecessary contact.

Fall Season Captains Meeting!

James Damgar - Aug. 28, 2017, 5:20 p.m.

We'd like to welcome you all to our 2nd season of INNIT Volleyball!
In preparation for the new season, we'll be holding a Captains Meeting at The Tap and Bottle (403 N 6th Ave #135, Tucson, AZ 85705) on Tuesday, August 29th at 7:00pm. At least one representative of your team should be present to go over league rules and regulations, hear and discuss key points and changes for this upcoming season that starts September 5th, give captains (and/or co-captains) an opportunity to interact with each other, and welcome all aboard to the league! We value all of your feedback and look forward to getting everyone on the same page for the league season!
This meeting should last approximately 30 minutes and we would like invite captains to encourage their players to come out for Free Play at De Anza afterwards. We do not have an INNIT reservation for the courts this week, but generally, most of the folks who have made it out there on Tuesdays since the previous season has ended have been a part of the league.
The Tap and Bottle is nearby the De Anza courts (about 0.7 miles) and has courteously agreed to host our league trophy and be our league bar! The trophy (which will be engraved with all of our previous champions as seasons move along) will be on display for players to come visit and gloat over during the season to come. The Tap and Bottle is open until 11:00pm on Tuesday nights in general and we would like to encourage players to come visit and have a brew after league nights conclude.
Once again, one representative of your team should be present at this meeting Tuesday (August 28th) evening in preparation for the coming season.

See some of you there!

Welcome to the 2nd season of INNIT Volleyball!

James Damgar - Aug. 10, 2017, 9:41 p.m.

We're happy to announce that we are now opening registration for Fall Season 2017 of INNIT Volleyball!

Player and team registration and management, waivers, scheduling, and standings will now be provided by this website. Bear with us as this platform will mature as the league matures. We're excited to see you all out there on the courts for another competitive season!


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